Kerry Washington’s fingerprints are all over Hollywood. The Emmy, SAG and Golden Globe nominated actor, director and producer has touched myriad projects, from her role as Olivia Pope on “Scandal” (where she was the first African-American woman since 1974 to headline a network drama) to her production of Hulu’s “Little […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers various resources and services to help you build SaaS and PaaS solutions, however, the challenge is to achieve and maintain performance efficiency that has its own important share in delivering business value. This article highlights some of the best practices for designing and operating reliable, […]

Automation continues to be a major growing trend in today’s cloud infrastructure landscape. Service providers like Amazon Web Services are integrating better, more advanced automation tools to make the life of administrators easier. Automation allows for workflows to be more efficient, especially with more tasks being executed without the need […]

SAP customers are moving to implement SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s latest technological advancement, to take advantage of improved user experience, streamlined transactions, real-time data, table simplification, flexible APIs, and new functionality. As a suite of cloud-based applications, it’s the next step in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which make migration an attractive option. SAP S/4 HANA has […]

For two decades now, tech has reshaped the business environment globally. Today, cloud computing services, which use remote servers hosted on the internet, have significantly changed the way businesses store, manage, and process data.  However, cloud computing is not without its challenges. In order to achieve the desired efficiency, these […]

Intro There are many challenges that engineering teams face when attempting to incorporate a multi-cloud approach into their infrastructure goals. Kubernetes does a good job of addressing some of these issues, but managing the communication of clusters that span multiple cloud providers in multiple regions can become a daunting task […]

To opt benefits of asynchronous processes, MuleSoft has introduced thread management which has no dependency on the configuration. It works based on available resources on platforms. MuleSoft follows and recommends an asynchronous process hence came with an event-based approach along with an asynchronous approach. It allows the application to be […]

As a platform for managing containerized services and workloads, Kubernetes is incredibly modular. Modularity is more than just a theme; even controllers and resources that are native to Kubernetes are now being built as custom resources and controllers, all for the sake of expanding the platform’s modularity to the next level. […]

Nvidia today announced that its new Ampere-based data center GPUs, the A100 Tensor Core GPUs, are now available in alpha on Google Cloud. As the name implies, these GPUs were designed for AI workloads, as well as data analytics and high-performance computing solutions. The A100 promises a significant performance improvement […]

I always get all excited when I accomplish something, but I get extra excited when I get it done and think, “well, that was easy.” As much as I enjoy fiddling with technology, I enjoy reaping the benefit of well set-up technology even more. That’s why I still get so […]

Yesterday evening Palantir, the quasi-secretive data mining and analysis firm, publicly announced that it has privately filed to go public. The disclosure came in the wake of Palantir raising new capital, taking on hundreds of millions of dollars before its planned public offering. According to Crunchbase data, Palantir has raised […]

There are several changes that arrive with the optimizer when you move to 12c and above. There are changes to histograms, all of the adaptive features, etc, but also, one of the simplest but coolest optimizer improvements when it comes to loading data. When you perform a direct-path insert into […]

Given the benefits of rapid development – lower costs, faster delivery, and greater accessibility – the low-code market is pushing forward to a digital revolution and is projected to reach $27.23 billion in the year 2022. But for those with an eye for faster development cycles will know, today’s leading […]


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X-ITM Technology helps our customers across the entire enterprise technology stack with differentiated industry solutions. We modernize IT, optimize data architectures, and make everything secure, scalable and orchestrated across public, private and hybrid clouds.

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The enterprise technology stack includes ITO; Cloud and Security Services; Applications and Industry IP; Data, Analytics and Engineering Services; and Advisory.

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We combine years of experience running mission-critical systems with the latest digital innovations to deliver better business outcomes and new levels of performance, competitiveness and experiences for our customers and their stakeholders.

X-ITM invests in three key drivers of growth: People, Customers and Operational Execution.

The company’s global scale, talent and innovation platforms serve 6,000 private and public-sector clients in 70 countries.

X-ITM’s extensive partner network helps drive collaboration and leverage technology independence. The company has established more than 200 industry-leading global Partner Network relationships, including 15 strategic partners: Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Dell Technologies, Google Cloud, HCL, HP, HPE, IBM, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Oracle, PwC, SAP, ServiceNow and VMware